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Non vendiamo informazioni raccolte dai nostri file, cookie e non reindirizziamo queste informazioni a parti terzi a meno che non sia richiesta da autorita giudiziare.

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There are two types of cookies
1. Session

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2. Permanent

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Using cookies let us “remember” custom preferences, it’s not necessary to re-enter information if you close browser or serving another pages and to identify user or to simply facilitate your signing in to use our service.

Every time when the user requests a new page, the web-server can receive the values of the cookies it previously set and give back the page with content relating to these values.

Enforcement and Penalties

Enforcement of the EU Cookie Law is the responsibility of the ICO. There are several of formal actions which may be pursued against website owners that fail or refuse to comply with the new rules:v

1. Information Notice
A notice requiring organizations to provide certain specified information to the Information Commissioner within a specified period.

2. Undertaking
A requirement that an organization take certain specified actions to improve its compliance.

3. Enforcement Notice
A notice compelling an organization to take specified actions to improve its compliance.

It is important to note that the ICO will have a degree of discretion as to how these enforcement measures and penalties are applied and, in the words of the ICO, the approach taken will be “practical and proportionate”. A first-party analytics cookie placed without users’ knowledge or consent would, therefore, not be treated with the same severity as a third-party advertising cookie that harvested personal data.

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